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About us

Kellpla Group is your personal full service partner in production. With 65 years of experience and offices in Venlo (HQ) and Litomerice, we offer you high quality technological product solutions that make a difference.

What makes us unique

Direct lines of communication between you and our team of project managers & customer service department ensure up to date information through the entire process.





We understand a production process includes more than injection moulding. That is why we offer a full service approach in which early supplier involvement, such as engineering support and advice, is key.

Thanks to the wide range of materials we keep in stock, we are able to work flexible and answer urgent production needs.


              •  Engineering support and advice
              •  Injection moulding
              •  2 components, 2 colours
              • Assembly
              • Quality Control
              • Manufacturing and maintenance of equipment in-house
              • Moulds
              • Holders
              • Auxiliary equipment
              • Finishing
              • Ultrasonic welding
              • Logistics



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Kellpla NL

Minckelersstraat 8

5916 PE Venlo

The Netherlands


KvK: 12023513

Btw: NL007349749B01


Kellpla CZ

Plesivecka 75

41201 Litomerice

Czech Republic


DIC / VAT: CZ27321665

Krajský soud v Ústí n.L., C24310



Tel: +(31) 77 354 84 00Fax: +(31) 77 351 68 42E-mail: info@kellpla.nl


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